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MPH at Belladrum (2008)

Camera footage of Michie, Prichard & Hunter performing ‘Big Man With The Beard’ at the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, supporting Little Feat!


  Uphill Slide (1991)   Fingernail Moon (1992)   The Crack O’ Noon Club (1995)   Sparks In Flight (1996)   Songhunter: Spirit of the Land (1998) Turning the Tide (2001) Old Dogs for the Hard Road (2008) Coastlines (2008) Down In The Gin Shed (2012)

Lyrics of the North

Just finished a cracking project on behalf of Feis Rois, at the Moniack Mhor creative writing centre near Dingwall, in the Highlands. More to follow!

Jim’s Biog

I was born in Edinburgh Scotland New Years Day 1956. My first musical excursion started at the age of seven when I started at The College of Piping, learning the bagpipes. I took to this with a passion for five years and played the role of the boy Macrimmon with the silver chanter on the television for the BBC. At the age of twelve a mixture of hormones and Fender Stratocasters lured me to the