Rearview Mirror (Triple Live Album)

by Jim Hunter

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    releases December 1, 2017

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Love on the Line
Slow Burning Flame
Crazy Days
Waste the Paint
Pago Pago
I Will Take You Home
Good Bad Women &Thunderbird Wine
Wild River Horses
Broken Feather
As Good as it Gets
Don’t Want You To See Me This Way
Love You Through And Through
I Can’t Make You Love Me
Down In The Gin Shed
When The Geese Fly Over
Irish Girl
The Way It Is
34 Miles
Howling At The Moon
Midnight Train
Big Man With The Beard
Burnt Out In The Snow


Back in 1988 I released my first album of self penned songs.

Under the naive, benign and, frankly, idiotic notion that being a songwriter, all one had to do was record the songs, sit back, and await the stampede of artists desperate to record them. I was so sure that I wouldn’t actually have to perform or sing them. How wrong can you be…………..

Thirty years later, these songs plus a lot more they befriended along the way have been toured and performed in countless countries and concerts by myself and various line ups. Like myself the songs have grown up over the years, and have moved a long way from those early albums.

With the gift of the finest musicians I’ve had the privilege to be on a stage with, these poor road weary songs finally washed up on the West Coast of Scotland, and reached their destination in a concert to end them all in Glenuig Hall in July 2016.

So here, after a long, strange and wonderful journey, is the concert as it happened that night.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did

Jim Hunter


releases December 1, 2017

Jim Hunter & The Crack O’ Noon Club–Live in Glenuig Hall –July 17th 2016
The Rearview Mirror

Jim Hunter; Vocals, Guitars with:
Jim Michie vocals, guitars– Graham Flett, Bass– Brian Macalpine, Keyboards, Accordian– Wendy Weatherby; Cello– Gordon Gunn; Fiddle, Mandolin– Jamie Ash, Drums, Percussion– James Mackintosh; Percussion, Drums– Jillian Anderson; Vocals– Kaela Rowan; Vocals

***SET ONE***

Love on the Line ( Jim Hunter); Starting out with one of the earliest songs I wrote from the album Burnt Out In The Snow

Slow Burning Flame ( Jim Hunter); This was written after playing at the Usher Hall Edinburgh, when I opened up on the Runrig tour 92

Crazy Days (Jim Hunter); The weird and wonderful tales of being on tour in Europe…..

Waste The Paint ( Jim Hunter); Written in the Shore Bar Leith and originally recorded upstairs from it. The story of a most extraordinary painter .

Pago Pago ( Jim Hunter); The dream to open a beach bar on the South Seas island of Pago-Pago. Inspired by Gordon Robb

I Will Take You Home ( Brent Mydland); I was given permission by the family of the late and great Brent Mydland of the Grateful Dead to record this beautiful song. My thanks to them. For Katie

Waterfall (Jim Hunter); The older you get ,the more of your friends pass on. A song about friendly ghosts.

Good Bad Women &Thunderbird Wine (Jim Hunter); Mirth, mayhem and a big glug of trouble!

***SET TWO***

Wild River Horses ( Graham Flett); Graham’s beautiful evocation of his teenage years on the islands of Arran and Orkney

Broken Feather (Graham Flett/Jim Hunter); A chance encounter in a small town in Switzerland. It sat around for years till Graham nailed it down.

As Good As It Gets ( Jim Hunter); This started life as a commisioned short instrumental piece, but soon grew legs and became a grown up song.

Don’t Want You To See Me This Way ( Jim Hunter); I wrote this back in the late 80’s with a strong female voice in mind. My wish finally came true…

Love You Through And Through ( Jim Hunter/ Brian Hepburn); Co-written with the legend that is Beefy Hepburn, this is balls to the wall blues’

I Can’t Make You Love Me ( Mike Reid/ Allen Shamblin);Simply ,one of my favourite songs of all time. Jillian does it so proud….

Down In The Gin Shed ( Jim Hunter); That’s where I’ll be………………


When The Geese Fly Over ( Jim Hunter); Autumn, and the evocative sound of the migrating geese.

Irish Girl ( Jim Hunter); Adventures in North and South Ireland, another pint of Guinness please……….

The Way It Is ( Bruce Hornsby); This song was all over the radio as I
recorded my first album in 1988, but the recent version by Hornsby/Scaggs inspired the Crack O’ Noon Club to let loose with all guns blazing.

34 Miles ( Jim Hunter); The chainsaw song as it has become known. A dreadfully true story of a young man’s painful downfall……

Howling At The Moon (Jim Hunter); Werewolves of the west coast out on the randan.

Midnight Train ( Jim Hunter); The old slow train from Edinburgh used to hit Lochailort at All Aboard!

Big Man With The Beard (Jim Hunter); Written for my old friend Kenny Macpherson, who was the band’s lifestyle coach , psychologist,and general bad influence. Slainte.

Burnt Out In The Snow ( Jim Hunter); The image of the Queen of Hearts playing card, set alight in the snow was the first albums cover

Nick Turner live sound and final recording mixes

Photos by Bill Gillespie and Kat Bayliss
Cover graphics and the Rearview Gin Bottle by Martin Connel

To thank everyone who helped me along the long long road to get to this concert would take a whole book, but to the wonderful , extraordinary musicians with whom I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of playing with over the years, and who gathered for this celebration go my deepest thanks and respect.

And finally to Wendy, Captain Jim, Graham, Papa Rosti and Nick, see you in the Gin Shed…………

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